Russia Expelled Diplomats Bart Gorman, the U.S. Official Number 2 in Moscow

Russian repel officials, Deputy Head of Mission of the US Embassy in Moscow Bart Gorman. Gorman is a US official number two in Moscow. 

The expulsion of the Gorman from Russia presented by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the U.S. on Thursday (17/2/2022). Washington warned that they would respond to the step "unwarranted" in the middle of the increasing concerns about the Russian invasion to Ukraine. 

Also read: Russia's Called Venezuela, its Main Ally in Latin America On the other side, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Gorman was forced to leave Moscow after a senior official of Russia also expelled from the US. 

The Russian Foreign ministry said, the expulsion of Russian senior officials of the absurd and called the U.S. of waging “visa war” as reported by Reuters. A Foreign Ministry official AS saying, Gorman has left Russia last week. It is not clear why the expulsion of the Gorman did not immediately announced and recently presented the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the U.S. on Thursday. 

Also read: the Situation More Tense, Pro-Russian Rebels Vs Ukrainian Army Recriminations Shoot “Russia's Actions against the DCM (deputy chief of mission) we unwarranted and we consider this as a step in the escalation and are considering our response,” said the spokesperson of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the US. The expulsion that occurs when the tension for months over a buildup of more than 150,000 Russian troops near its border with Ukraine. 

On Thursday, the President of the U.S. Joe Biden said, there are many indications that Russia plans to invade Ukraine in the next few days. Biden added that Moscow is preparing a pretext to justify the attack to Ukraine. 

Read also: President of Ukraine: No Sign of Russian Tensile Forces, Only a Small Rotation Gorman previously served as deputy assistant secretary and assistant director of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for Investigation and Threat Analysis. She also served as regional security officials of the Diplomatic Security Service of the U.S. in a number of countries including Iraq, Jordan, and China. 

Foreign Ministry spokesman AS saying, Gorman has a valid visa and have been in Russia for less than three years. “In response, Russia requires that U.S. diplomats to go before the year ends, giving them two weeks to leave the country, and call it the same. 

This is not the same,” said the Spokesperson of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the US. Also read: U.S.: Russia did Not Pull Troops from the Ukrainian Border, Instead Add to it Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the move to repatriate Gorman done as a response to the eviction of the unreasonable against an official at the Russian Embassy in Washington. In fact, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow requested that officials be allowed to stay until a replacement arrived. The Russian Foreign ministry did not mention the name of the diplomats who were expelled or say when he was forced to go. READ MORE

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