4 conditions that Prompted Russia from Ukraine if it Wants to Invasion Stopped Immediately

Russia has told the Ukrainians that it is ready to stop military operations "in a heartbeat" if the Kyiv meet the list of requirements. It was delivered by the Kremlin Spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, on Thursday (7/3/2022). He revealed a variety of things into the demands of Russia against Ukraine to be filled. It includes: 

Ukrainian stop military action to Change the constitution to perpetuate the neutrality Recognizes Crimea as the territory of Russia recognized the republic of the separatist Donetsk and Luhansk as an independent state also Read: Putin Can Green Light Muster Forces Russia to Donetsk and Luhansk could it be This is the statement of Russia's most explicit thus far about the requirements that you want to apply on Ukraine to stop what he describes as a special military operations. 

Russian invasion to Ukraine now has entered the 12th day. Peskov told Reuters in a telephone interview that the Ukrainians knew of the condition. "And they were told that all of this (invasion) can be stopped in a moment," he said. However, Peskov said, there is no reaction immediately from the Ukrainian side. 

Russia is known to have attacked Ukraine from the north, east, and south, attacking cities, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, and the port of Mariupol. The attack which was launched on Thursday (24/2/2022) has led to the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II, sparking outrage around the world, and lead to severe sanctions against Moscow. Read also: Putin is Willing Unfollow Russian Invasion to Ukraine, Ask the Terms of This However, Kremlin spokesman was adamant that Russia is not trying to make territorial claims more in the Ukraine and say "not true" that he demanded the surrender of Kyiv. "We actually complete demilitarization of Ukraine. We will solve it. 

But the main thing is Ukrainian stop the military action. They have to stop their military actions and then no one will shoot," said Peskov. Mentioned about the issue of neutrality, Peskov said, Ukraine should make an amendment to the constitution which they will reject any destination to enter the block anywhere. "We have also talked about how they had to admit that the Crimea is Russian territory and that they need to recognize that the Donetsk and Luhansk is an independent state. 

And that's it. It (invasion) will stop soon," he added. Read also: Foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine Finally Will Meet in Turkey on Thursday for Talks on a new Line of great Russian demands came when the delegations of Russia and Ukraine prepare to meet on Monday for talks third round aimed at ending the war of Russia against Ukraine. 

It begins immediately after the Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted two in the breakaway region in eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian government forces since 2014, as an independent territory. This action has been condemned as illegal by the West. "It is not we who wins the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. 

Donetsk and Luhansk did not want to be part of Ukraine. But, that doesn't mean they have to be destroyed as a result," said Peskov. "Rest. Ukraine is an independent state that will live as he wants, but in the conditions of neutrality," he said. Read also: Ukraine and Russia War, China Joined Tested Peskov said all the demands have been formulated and submitted during the first two rounds of talks between the delegations of Russia and Ukraine, which took place last week. "We hope all this will work out and they will react accordingly," said Peskov. 

He said, Russia has been forced to take decisive action to force the demilitarization of Ukraine, rather than just recognizing the independence of the regions that seceded. Pevkov call this effort aims to protect 3 million Russian-speaking population in the republic-the republic, which he said is being threatened by the 100,000 troops of Ukraine. 

"We can't just recognize them. What will we do with 100,000 soldiers who stand on the border of the Donetsk and Luhansk, which can strike anytime. They always bring the weapons the US and the Uk," he said. Read also: Russia Country Subject to Sanctions, the Most, What does that do for Us? Ahead of the invasion of Russia, Ukraine repeatedly and emphatically denied the statement in Moscow that it will conduct an offensive to retake the separatist regions by force. 

Peskov said the situation in Ukraine has provoked a far greater threat to the security of Russia than was the case in 2014, when Russia has also gathered 150,000 soldiers on its border with Ukraine, sparking fears of a Russian invasion, but limit its actions in the annexation of the Crimea region. “Since that situation is deteriorating for us. In 2014, they began to supply weapons to Ukraine and preparing the army for NATO, bringing it in line with NATO standards,” he said. Read also: Zelensky Slams NATO Reject Enforce a no-Fly Zone, Call it to Give the Green Light Bombing Russia "In the end that becomes the balance is the life of 3 million people in the Donbass. We understand that they will be attacked," said Peskov. 

Peskov said Russia must also act in the face of the threat he felt from NATO, saying it was "only a matter of time" before the alliance was put missiles in Ukraine as happened in Poland and Romania. "We just understand that we don't put up with this anymore. We must act," he said.

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