Rain Memes FIFA Double Standards for Russia and Israel

FIFA has been hit by memes about double standards after punishing Russia for its attack on Ukraine.

FIFA's attitude to Russia is considered by netizens to be different when dealing with Israel. Netizens flooded FIFA with a number of memes.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine led FIFA to punish Russia by banning the national team from appearing at the 2022 World Cup.

Before snaring Russia to the 2022 World Cup, world football's governing body gave Our Boys only a light punishment in the form of a ban from playing at home, banned from using the Russian name, and prohibited the Russian flag from flying.

However, after deciding to ban Russia to the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA received a lot of criticism from world football fans.

Netizens consider FIFA to be acting 'harshly' on Russia, but it does not apply equally to Israel which continues to invade Palestine.

FIFA is considered more defending Ukraine which since last week attacked Russia, while impressing a blind eye to defending Palestine who for years under Israeli pressure.


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